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Life of A dollar

Hi, my name is George,

and I’m a dollar bill.

I’ve been around the world

from China to Brazil.

I love to travel here and there

to all the exotic places;

Try new foods, learn new words,

and see the different faces.

With all that said,

I must admit

there is one place

I’d love to quit.

They play such bad music.

There’s hardly any light.

And the ugly naked women…

It really isn’t right.

I get shoved deep inside a butt crack,

and I try to hold my breath.

But I’m pushed and shoved around

as her hips swing right to left.

After many exhausting hours

of suffocating in her butt,

I am finally released

to see her doing God knows what.

After several more hours

of her rated-x behaviour,

I and my fellow George’s

are traded for our wealthier neighbors.

Strapped in with the other singles

On our way to someplace new

I vow never to return

If that were only true.


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Lost in your words

I bury myself in your expression.
My thoughts drowning
In your beautiful prose.
Your voice is music,
And in it I am lost.
It is a maze I will never conquer.
I am mesmerized,
But blinded.
I am faint.
I am dizzy.
I am exhilerated.
Brought to life
By your words alone.
I will follow your voice
‘Til I am broken
And shattered.

To Bear False Witness

Why must you lie?
Mask the truth
With disguise
When honesty
Suits you just fine.
Its too late to go back;
I know its brass tacks
Every word from your mouth
Is fiction, not fact.
Your reputation is now suspect
That one thing is certain.
Unlike the reality
You hide with a curtain.
I will never believe you
This much is true
Because dishonesty
Is your favorite tool
You backbite and fib
I should loan you a bib
To save your poor shirt
From the word vomit you spurt
Was there ever a time
When in your mind
You thought the truth first
Instead of a line?
I am really not worried.
I can say with a smile.
While liars are sprinters,
Honesty runs miles.
The truth will catch you.
And when it is through,
The world will know
That you are a fool.

Total Agony

I built up my walls

I was doing just fine

I had a great plan

My life was mine

Then you came along

Out of the blue

Broke down my wall

Now I don’t know what to do

It wasn’t supposed

To happen this way

It was innocent talk

Innocent play

You distracted me so easily

I let down my guard

And I invited you in

With complete disregard

I let out a big sigh

My head in my hand

How did this happen

Its not what I planned

I’m not unhappy

Don’t get me wrong

I’m just really nervous

And trying to be strong

I feel vulnerable

And kind of insane

Like not using my umbrella

While standing in the rain

You call me beautiful

My heart skips a beat

I smile like an idiot

And accept my defeat

There’s something about you

You’re one of a kind

You broke down my walls

But I really don’t mind