Secret Romance

We started our journey 
You and I 
Because it was forbidden 
Like Lancelot and Guenevere 
This is our fate 
Neither I without you 
Nor you without me 

The other night 
I slept 
And I saw 
All our past and future 
In a tiny flame 
So is my love for you 
Burning as it can 
Yet refusing to go out 
As all flames do 
It will flicker 
In a hostile wind 
And shrink 
From the rain 
But it will never die 

And yet 
I have failed you 
Failed again 
So you choose to flee 
You have gone 
Down to the house of death 
And the earth lies 
Over your lovely eyes 

But fear not 
My love 
I will follow you 
To the ends of the earth 
No tears 
No fears 
Always on 
Til all the oceans 
Run together 
And the waters 
Bury the land 
I am the ocean 
You are the land 

I am with you still 
When you choose 
To return 
Come to me 
My sweetheart 
My love 
Whenever you come 
You will find me 
For I never gave up hope 
So farewell 
My prince 
Til we meet again

Ode to My Mommy

Roses are red 
Violets are blue 
You were my mommy 
Even before I knew you 
I was a little girl 
My favorite color was pink (still is!) 
You changed all my diapers 
Even though they did stink 
When it was time to go to sleep 
Oh the stories you read 
Then sang me a song 
And tucked me into bed 
Now I’m twenty five 
And all grown 
Doing grown up things 
With a baby of my own 
I dress her in pink 
With lace and bows 
Change her diapers that stink 
And tickle her toes 
I read her bedtimes stories 
And sing her little songs 
I tell her I love her 
And let her know she belongs 
I know this is right 
Because I learned from the best 
You, the best mommy! 
A cut above the rest!

My Tiny Shy Friend

I have a tiny friend, 
Who likes to hide alot. 
And socialize with others, 
Well, he would rather not. 
He prefers the dark, 
And doesn’t like to play. 
Underneath alot of layers 
Is where he would like to stay. 
He’s not like other boys, 
And I’ve always wondered why, 
Whenever girls are around 
He starts acting shy. 
He doesn’t know what to do, 
And he goes all soft and limp. 
He shrinks right back inside. 
That scrawny little shrimp. 
You might wonder why, 
I keep this friend around. 
Truth is we’re very close, 
Forever we are bound. 
My friend has many names, 
Such as Johnson, Penis, and Weewee. 
But I just call him The Virgin, 
Because thats what he’ll always be.

The Alley King

Oh great alley king 
You are worshipped and adored 
All are jealous of your cardboard box 
Where all your belongings are stored 
Oh how I wish to be you 
The ruler of the alley 
To push the coveted shopping cart 
Collecting cans all through the valley 
Your tarp has minimal holes 
And your trenchcoat looks like new 
But I heard you shaved the royal beard 
Can this possibly be true? 
It is a sign of your regal position 
Far above the alley peasants 
By any means you must grow it back 
And reestablish your superior presence 
Until the day you abdicate the throne 
We will all just stare in awe 
At the jobless scruffy alley king 
The best we ever saw

For Love of Country


For love of country
A patriot gives
Comfort and home
So that others might live

Liberty and freedom
In each breath he takes
Pledging allegiance
For America’s sake.


He defends with his service
The Red, White, and Blue
Filled with honor and pride
His salute strong and true

His bravery immortal
As he marches to fight
Defending America
And American right.


Our freedom comes at a price
One a veteran bears
So, thank him wholeheartedly
Show him someone who cares.

All who have served
Are honored this day
Their heroism exalted
For sacrifices made


Brothers in arms
Sisters forever
Heros always
Forgotten never