Total Agony

I built up my walls

I was doing just fine

I had a great plan

My life was mine

Then you came along

Out of the blue

Broke down my wall

Now I don’t know what to do

It wasn’t supposed

To happen this way

It was innocent talk

Innocent play

You distracted me so easily

I let down my guard

And I invited you in

With complete disregard

I let out a big sigh

My head in my hand

How did this happen

Its not what I planned

I’m not unhappy

Don’t get me wrong

I’m just really nervous

And trying to be strong

I feel vulnerable

And kind of insane

Like not using my umbrella

While standing in the rain

You call me beautiful

My heart skips a beat

I smile like an idiot

And accept my defeat

There’s something about you

You’re one of a kind

You broke down my walls

But I really don’t mind


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