Ode to My Mommy

Roses are red 
Violets are blue 
You were my mommy 
Even before I knew you 
I was a little girl 
My favorite color was pink (still is!) 
You changed all my diapers 
Even though they did stink 
When it was time to go to sleep 
Oh the stories you read 
Then sang me a song 
And tucked me into bed 
Now I’m twenty five 
And all grown 
Doing grown up things 
With a baby of my own 
I dress her in pink 
With lace and bows 
Change her diapers that stink 
And tickle her toes 
I read her bedtimes stories 
And sing her little songs 
I tell her I love her 
And let her know she belongs 
I know this is right 
Because I learned from the best 
You, the best mommy! 
A cut above the rest!


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