My Tiny Shy Friend

I have a tiny friend, 
Who likes to hide alot. 
And socialize with others, 
Well, he would rather not. 
He prefers the dark, 
And doesn’t like to play. 
Underneath alot of layers 
Is where he would like to stay. 
He’s not like other boys, 
And I’ve always wondered why, 
Whenever girls are around 
He starts acting shy. 
He doesn’t know what to do, 
And he goes all soft and limp. 
He shrinks right back inside. 
That scrawny little shrimp. 
You might wonder why, 
I keep this friend around. 
Truth is we’re very close, 
Forever we are bound. 
My friend has many names, 
Such as Johnson, Penis, and Weewee. 
But I just call him The Virgin, 
Because thats what he’ll always be.


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